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Volume 1, Chores & Transcendence

Milk is a limited series art journal of written and visual artworks by artist-mothers about motherhood. In the first volume, themed “Chores & Transcendence,” we look at the mundane domestic work, the invisible labor and repetitive actions of motherhood, and how that is counterbalanced with sublime emotional experiences.

Volume 1 features works by 14 artists from 7 countries. It includes artworks by Colleen Barry, Talia Chetrit, Rachael Grad, Emma Hardy, Csilla Klenyánszki, Sarah Lightman, Kath Lovett, Elena Skoreyko Wagner, Tabitha Soren, Annie Hsiao-Ching Wang; poetry by C.S. Griffel Kate Falvey; and interviews with Julie Phillips and Sim Chi Yin. The cover features a painting by Sarah Lightman.

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