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Vol. 3: Purpose & Ambivalence

Milk is a limited series art journal of written and visual artworks by artist-mothers about motherhood. Volume 3 is themed “Purpose & Ambivalence”, and looks at how motherhood can give a deep sense of purpose – to some – and yet it can lead to a range of conflicting, uncertain, or changing emotions.

Volume 3 features works by 14 artists from 6 countries. It includes artworks by Fatema Abizar, Lupita Carrasco, Violet Costello, Marice Cumber, Sharon James, Lisa Krannichfeld, Jenny Lewis, Jena Love, Sarah Pabst, Jannike Stelling, Susanne du Toit; an article by Szilvia Molnar; and interviews with Andi Gáldi Vinko and Pragya Agarwal. The cover features a work of embroidery on canvas by Fatema Abizar.

Milk is available for sale as a PDF ebook and as a print-on-demand publication. Learn more and buy now!

Milk art journal, Vol. 3
Purpose & Ambivalence
132 pages
140 x 216 mm
House of Oktober, September 2023
ISBN (ebook): 9789493075092
ISBN (paperback): 9789493075078

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